Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of NAOK is the main decision making body of the club. It governs responsibly by the powers, duties, and responsibilities delegated to it. The board meets regularly twice a month, every fortnight, and occasionally for specific circumstances.

The current Board consists of:

President: Tilemachos Gavalas

A. Vice President: Christos Mitsialis

B. Vice President/Head of Rowing: George Dimoulis

General Secretary: Onoufrios Pavlogiannis

Special Secretary: Gerasimos Maikas

Public Relations: Evanthia Salta

Treasurer: Christos Dimoulis

Deputy Treasurer: Charalambos Vlachos

Head of Premises & Sailing: Eva Salta 

Sailing Team Manager: Spiros Leontaris

Head of Amateur-Underwater Fishing: Christos Doukas

Head of Swimming: Panagiotis Mourikis

Head of the Port: Charilaos Andriotis

Head of Water Polo: Petros Diavatis

Water Polo Team Manager: Thrasivoulos Tzoras

The captains of NAOK
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Vision: Nautical Club Corfu (NAOK) was founded in 1935 and is considered the most historic and traditional sports club in Corfu.


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