Ionian islands

Seventy islands, small and big, inhabited and uninhabited, compose a unique canvas where the colour of the pebbles blend with the deep green of the landscape and the turquoise of the sea to reveal the earthy gold colour of the best beaches in Europe. Some of these islands are easily reached with public transport, but most of them can be reached only by private boat.
Corfu, Lefkada, Kefalonia and Zakynthos and easily accessible since they have international airports. National airlines, budget airlines, charter flights from all over Europe, ferries from Italy and cruise ships all make their way to the Ionian Islands. There are three major road routes: the Egnatia, Olympia and Ionian Highway, which minimise the distance of the islands from the mainland. Indeed, for Lefkada access is immediate since is linked to the Greek mainland by bridge.
The Ionian Islands is an hour and a half from Milan, two hours from Berlin, three and a half from London and Oslo, nine hours from New York and twenty-three hour from Sydney.

Explore Corfu: The geographic position of Corfu, its beauty, the many fine anchorages in the surrounding area, the mild climate and the international airport, all constitute positive factors in the promotion of yachting tourism.

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