Weather and Winds


The summer weather in the Ionian sea is dominated by a NW to WNW wind, the maistro. In general this wind is less strong, force 2 to 5, and more steady then the corresponding meltemi in the Aegean. Nevertheless a sailor must take watch out for gusts when sailing along lee side of tall islands and be aware that in the evenings there may be katabatic winds from the tall mountains, of force 5 to 6 and from the NE.

From the October until mid May the wind can be either from the north of from the south with several gales, usually from the S to SE. At this time, waterspouts are also possible. These usually can be detected on the radar and avoided but the sailor must keep a good watch.

In the spring and the autumn there can be frequent thunderstorms with accompanied squalls. Corfu has the highest rain fall in Greece.

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