Water Polo

Water polo is a spectacular sport whose goal is the right culture and the development of all psychophysical abilities of the child and provides children with all the positives of team sports (socialization, entertainment, sports) and forming through it a balanced character , an important point for the rest of their lives. As physical exercise is the best for their development and for the operation of the cardiorespiratory system. At the same time it is a game that offers unique emotions and a rich and hearty spectacle.

We are expecting this call of our association to bring together our children from all over the island, which through this process will become tomorrow's champions, prominent characters and prominent scientists.

The polo infrastructure segments operating in closed Swimming Corfu, from 19:00 to 21:00 throughout the year and are ages 7-12 years old boys and girls. Taught in a healthy, friendly and safe environment the basics of swimming and water polo by experienced coaches and graduates in the swimming area and the pole and involved with groups of NAOK in local, regional and national championships of their categories. Our goal is the proper development of young children in all areas, to exercise and socialize within the Group and the acquisition of experience and all positive sport!